*Rozinante II
by Logue
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//Are we back in the land of the living yet? We didn't travel $Ithat$i far.

//Go pick up your gear. I'll explain before I send you on your next mission.
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#PICT 407

//Got everything you need?
#PICT 407


//While you were busy running around in the UESC Chimera, my sensors picked up a small fleet leaving the Pfhor system under cover of a skirmish in low orbit over Pfhor Prime. Apparently, the UESC was fooled by this ruse. I was not.

//I followed the departing Pfhor ships from a safe distance to here.

//Where is here, exactly?
#PICT 407

I'm glad you asked.

We are in orbit around a rogue star known as "#$bRS4352". It's only a temporary guest in the Milky Way, as it has a trajectory that is perpendicular to the galactic plane instead of orbiting the center of the galaxy like all the resident stars do. Another 50 000 years and it'll be back in the intergalactic space from which it once came.
#PICT 407

Also orbiting #$bRS4352 is the $B$ISalinger$b$i, a secret UESC research station. Whatever the UESC is doing here, the pfhor want a piece of it. They must have attacked the Salinger the second they arrived. Fortunately, the pfhor sent only a single division instead of an entire battle group. If that had been the case, the Salinger would already have been overrun, and the pfhor would have whatever it was they came for. As it is, the UESC troops have been holding their ground.$C1
#PICT 407

I have been talking with $ICharlie$i, the Salinger's main AI, and his aberrant replies indicate that he has been seriously damanged by the pfhor bombardment. Be careful when dealing with him; I suspect he might go a little whacko on you.

Your first task will be to perform some repairs. Apparently, the main data conduits of the station are damaged, and fixing these might be all it takes to get Charlie back in shape.

Feel free to kill any pfhor you find on the way.
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